Till Roll Advertising – The Ultimate Marketing Hack

Make your printed till roll receipts work for you. Low cost advertising has forever been the holy grail for marketing teams around the world. But seeing that marketing is an investment, it should not be relegated to the if-we-have-anything-left-over portion of the business, marketing is what drives sales, and sustains your business. Marketing should be […]

Printed POS Roll

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The Science Behind Thermal Paper

Click below to buy thermal paper rolls for your machine.   -Best Prices -Bulk Discount -Best Quality Till Rolls   Thermal paper is a special paper that changes color when exposed to heat, this reaction is caused by a chemical that the paper is coated with. Thermal papers are used for a wide variety of thermal printing […]

How To Measure A Till Roll

If you’re wondering how to measure a till roll, read on as we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to make sure that you place an order for the right till rolls for your machine. Click on Order Now below to buy till rolls for your machine. -Best Prices -Bulk Discount -Best Quality Till Rolls   In […]

how to measure a till roll height. and diameter

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What Till Roll Fits My Printer

There are hundreds of thermal till roll printers out on the market, but how do you know which till roll size fits your printer? We have compiled this list of printers and the till roll sizes that they are compatible with, so now you you no longer need to guess. Get the right roll first […]

Everything you Need To Know About Thermal Paper.

Thermal paper is is something that most businesses around the world can not do without, but what do you really know about the paper? This infographic takes a look at some of the more interesting aspects of thermal paper production, use and manufacture, and shares some amazing facts. If you would like to order paper or […]