Till Roll Advertising – The Ultimate Marketing Hack

pre printed till rollMake your printed till roll receipts work for you.

Low cost advertising has forever been the holy grail for marketing teams around the world. But seeing that marketing is an investment, it should not be relegated to the if-we-have-anything-left-over portion of the business, marketing is what drives sales, and sustains your business. Marketing should be a focus.

One of the easiest ways to market your products or service is to promote to people who are already your customers. Its easy for them to go next door to your competitor so its vital that you are able to show your business’ benefits on a regular basis.

One of the simplest ways to do this is through till roll advertising. Just about every shop in the world has a POS system installed that churns out low cost, low maintenance till roll receipts to hundreds of customers every day.

Usually these are boring pieces of paper, simply tallying up your items with a grand total. But there is opportunity for so much more here. Below we list 4 great ways to promote your brand through the clever use of pre printed till rolls. Learn more about our pre printed till roll service here.

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Printed till roll


Promote Your Brand

Branding is the biggest part of a successful marketing campaign. If people don’t know who you are, how will they know how to find you? Print your brand name , logo or both on the back side of your till rolls to amplify your brand presence and make your brand synonymous with the products that you are selling.

Also, a lot of the time receipts get folded up and tucked away in handbags, wallets etc. so having your branding clearly visible on the underside of your till slip makes it easier for people to find and remember you.

Client Service

Instead of waiting for customers to call in to find out about your returns policy, warranty or other post sales service, let them know all about it on the back side of your till roll. This will be the first thing that they check when looking for contact details so why not help them out with the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Load the back side of the slip with as much information as necessary to educate your customers.

No one wants to deal with a frustrated customer, so make your customers lives a little easier and answer their questions before they need to ask.

Market Your Promotions

a selection of pre printed till rollsHaving a sale or running a special? Put it on the back of your till roll for added reach. till roll printing is quite advanced now and full color prints are no longer uncommon. An eye catching promotion or offer on your till roll receipt will help to market your promotions for fractions of the cost of regular printed materials, so include this low cost solution in your marketing strategy.

Promote Your Products

If your selling items or services why not list your top sellers or main products/services on the till slip? This informs your customers of your services and helps to establish your brands credibility n your field. Adding your products or services to your till rolls effectively turns a regular receipt into a business card.

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