Everything you Need To Know About Thermal Paper.

Thermal paper is is something that most businesses around the world can not do without, but what do you really know about the paper?

This infographic takes a look at some of the more interesting aspects of thermal paper production, use and manufacture, and shares some amazing facts.

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Key summary points from the information below:

  • Thermal paper printing technology makes use of ink-less printing which leads to considerable savings.
  • Thermal paper was first created in the early 60’s but the print quality back then was terrible.
  • It wasnt till the 80’s that the technology had improved enough to become a reliable option.
  • The 90’s saw printers evolve into the machines we know today. This opened thermal printing to a much wider audience and saw the market really begin to grow.
  • Thermal paper is made using BPA. There are some groups that believe that BPA’s are a health risk however this has not been proven. In some parts of the US, BPA rolls have been banned. This was more a political than useful move, and defies the findings of government health and science bodies around the world.
  • Some thermal rolls can print in colours other than black.
  • A busy supermarket will use up to 50 rolls of thermal till roll paper per day.


5 Interesting Facts about Thermal Paper Roll (Infographic) - An Infographic from Panda Paper Roll

Courtesy Panda Paper Roll