OKI Printer Cartridges

OKI 320 Original cartridgeOriginal OKI printer cartridges for dot matrix printers. High quality OEM OKI printer cartridges for use with your dot matrix printers around the office. High quality prints every time.

Original OKI Printer Cartridges for:

  • OKI 5520
  • OKI 5590
  • OKI 3320
  • OKI 320
  • OKI 520
  • OKI 590

 OKI compatible printer cartridges

POS Rolls OKI 5590 CartridgeSave with our excellent POSRolls OKI Compatible cartridges.

We have developed and tested our own compatible cartridges for OKI printers which are now available for sale.

We can proudly say that our compatibles are as good as originals, and we use these compatibles in our own office.

  • Same life span
  • Same print quality
  • Incredible savings

Our printer cartridges are compatible with the 55 series OKI printers:

  • Generic OKI 5590 Printer cartridge, compatible with the OKI 5590 printer
  • Generic OKI 5521 Printer cartridge, compatible with the OKI 5521 printer
  • Generic OKI 5520 Printer cartridge, compatible with the OKI 5520 printer
  • Generic OKI 5590 Printer cartridge, compatible with the OKI 5590 printer
  • Generic OKI 5591 Printer cartridge, compatible with the OKI 5591 printer

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Our ink cartridges are cheap, but high quality cartridges, print in black and are completely compatible with OKI printers and meet OEM specification.

These printer cartridges are a safe and cost effective alternative to OEM products and we guarantee the same print quality when using our cartridges, as we have sourced the best ribbons, casings and highest quality manufacturers to ensure that these cartridges print just as well if not better than expensive originals.

To get a quote please contact us now using the contact number available to the right, or click the ORDER NOW button below, fill in the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with a quote that will make your day!

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