How To Measure A Till Roll

If you’re wondering how to measure a till roll, read on as we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to make sure that you place an order for the right till rolls for your machine.

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In order to measure a till roll there are three basic measurements that need to be made.

  • Roll Height
  • Roll Diameter
  • Core Size

Roll sizes are expressed in this order:

Height x Diameter

how to measure a till roll heightHow To Measure Till Roll Height

The height of a till roll equals the papers width. This is the single most important measurement as this will determine whether the roll will fit into your till or card machine or not.

This measurement is taken in millimeters and varies depending on the equipment that you are using – some tills use a wider paper, and other use narrower till rolls.

Make sure that you measure this first, and if you’ve run out of paper and need to measure your roll to place an order, measure the height of the plastic core that the paper was rolled onto to get an idea.

If you have run out of paper, thrown the core away and cant get a measurement, give us a call and we will help you work out which roll you need.


how to measure a till roll height. and diameter Measure Till Roll Diameter

The next measurement is the till roll diameter. The roll diameter measures how fat the roll is. The fatter the roll, the more paper there is in the roll.

This measurement also varies from till roll to till roll based on the hardware it was designed to be used in so beware not to order a roll that is too big to fit the space available in your machine.

If you have run out of paper and cant measure a rolls diameter, give us a call and we will help you work out which roll you need.


how to measure a till roll coreHow To Measure A Till Roll’s Core

The final measurement is the core size of the till roll. The core is the plastic (sometimes cardboard) spool that the till roll paper is wound onto.

This usually measures 12.5mm across and is only an important measurement if you have a till or printer that uses a spindle that goes through the core which then feeds the paper. Generally till rolls sit in an empty space in a till and feed automatically, but if you have a till with a spindle that feeds the paper, then make sure to measure the core.